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Start your watch as Keeper using the dark powers that live within the halls of the Castle of Horrors.



Zombie Mass Card x2

Walking Corpse Card x2

Zombie Horde Card x2

Crawling Ooze Card x2

Towering Slime Card x2

Slime Room Card x2

Lich’s Thralls Card x2

Zombie Builder Card x2

Lich, King of Horrors Card x2

Rise Again Card x1

Fertilize Card x1

Necromancy Card x1

Devil’s Influence Card x1

Lich’s Crown Card x1

Imp’s Crown Card x1

Lich’s Eyes Card x1

Greedy Hands Card x1

Castle of Horrors Card x1

Horror Token Card x5

Zombie Token Card x5

Booster pack (15 cards) x1

Rulebook x1

Nightmares of the Lich - Starter Deck

SKU: 0209142022
  • As it stands the only art on most of the cards is the unusable testing artwork that we CAN'T, in good faith or self-respect, leave on the cards when they're purchased. As such all proceeds from preorders are going to pay for artists to do the art for these cards.

    So the art you see is just some of the art for the game, but not all of it, and you are not guaranteed to get the cards you see on the store page, as the Booster Packs are filled randomly.

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