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Master Your Magic

Mystic Spires is your new old friend in the Trading Card Game scene. With simple and easy-to-understand card effects, lore-rich designs from Flesh-and-Blood artists veteran and rookie alike, and an innovative new way to start your matches with other players for the best start possible for your chosen play style. ​ Stock your shelves with the newest card game set up to take tabletops by storm.

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Build your Tower

Start your game with the best start

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Units, Spells, and Equipment

Play Units to attack your enemy tower and defend your own; many Units have powerful abilities, others don't. Play your hand smart and win the day.

With Spells you can change the rules, bringing Units to life, stopping attacks, and myriad other powerful and unique magical arts.

Use Equipment to modify your Units with new abilities, stronger stats, and additional features.

Guardian Cannon Redone.png

The Tower Card

Most Trading Card Games utilize a flat "everyone starts here"  beginning where both players have the same Life Points and Mana-per-Turn; with Mystic Spires you chose your starting Health and Crystal-per-Turn with the Tower Card you chose to play when the match starts! From the Tower of Dreams to the Castle of Horrors, the Ivory Tower to the City of Astra.

There's more to your tower than Health and Crystal, the tower also gives you a constant Passive and Active ability!

FoxTrick Aeta.png

Fell the Tower

With strategy, luck, and a well crafted plan any deck can win the game by tearing down your opponents defenses and crumbling their Tower to 0 Health.

You can also win by defending your own tower long enough to make your opponent draw all the cards in his deck. Or perhaps you forced his hand and made him draw over and over?

Those who live dangerously win by Crystal Overload, Spend your Crystal quickly or risk hitting 100 Crystal - Losing the game!

Will you claim victory? 

Release Dates

December 1st, 2023


Eric Tyrsson

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